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All On Four Treatment
(Fixed Detachable Dentures)

The hottest topic in the Dental Implant community is the All -On- 4 Fixed Detachable Dentures.

This type of treatment is preferred for the following patient types:
1) If you currently have a complete set of removable Dentures and you are:
Tired of your dentures moving around when biting on something hard or soft, or if you want your smile and self-image back, we can turn your removable dentures to a fixed set of teeth complete with 4, 5 or 6 Implants (depending on your jaw bone quality).

2) If you have a few natural teeth left, which typically are not good anchors for full mouth crown/bridge treatment. This situation is mostly caused by:
A- Cavities that require Root Canal, Build-ups and Crowns.
B- History of dental work done which has failed or required repeat procedures and have not given you the look and great smile you have been looking for!
C- History of bone and gum disease which causes mobility of the remaining teeth. This natural dentition is typically not a salvageable situation.

All On Four Treatment Solutions

Treatment would involve:
1) Extraction of the remaining teeth.
2) Placing 4- Implants for each arch same day under local anesthetic or deep sedation.
3) Converting a pre-made set of teeth to a fix detachable by fixing those teeth to your Implant same day.

So you walk in to our office with some failed, loose, non-cosmetic set-of natural teeth or a moving - embarrassing complete Denture, and you walk out with series of teeth that has been fixed to your jaw bone (like your original teeth).

Of course, this situation will be kept for first six months as a temporary solution. After six months you come back and with a simple Impression, we make your final set of teeth, which could be your life time solution (if you come for regular- advised check-ups and hygiene maintenance of teeth to our office).

All On Four True Story

First time that I watched a live surgery on All-on-4 Treatment at Nobel-Bio Care facility in Yorba Linda, the patient was a middle age female (45 years old). She had all upper teeth taken out and using a removable complete denture. After the surgeon placed 4- Implant under light sedation and the other dentist, convert the complete denture to a fix- detachable (all-on-4), she was taken to the lecture room to say a few words regarding her experience of the treatment. She started crying for 2-3 minutes and could not talk. Then she said: today is my first time (since I was 9 years old) that I can smile without putting my hand over my mouth and covering my teeth, because I was so embraced the way my teeth were.

That is why the all-on-4 treatment is a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE with minimum discomfort, swelling and almost no pain involved with this treatment.

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