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Q: Will I experience pain during and after Root Canal Treatment?

A: I have been asked this question hundreds even thousands of times, since I started practicing Dentistry. During this procedure, most Ocean Pacific Dental patients fall asleep, a few have even snored!  Yes, this happens at least twice per month in my practice. That means you won’t feel or will experience minimal pain and discomfort during your treatment.

We also clean and sterilize all of the infected tissue inside the roots, this means there would be minimal to zero pain, discomfort or swelling after the treatment (this is referred to as flare-up).  I rate (Post- op pain) discomfort, or lack thereof, by patients feedback and  thank you cards that come to the office.

We provide a post-op maintenance bag that includes care instructions and pain medication for our root canal patients.

Why do you recommend Dental Implant compare to a bridge?

A: Dental Implant is the most conservative way of replacing by placing a bridge. Generally we are causing the following problems for patients:

  1. Condemned two other teeth by grinding down enamel & dentin (strong structure of tooth crown) in most cases those two teeth are virgin teeth ( Intact teeth with not even a single filling) by doing so in so many case at the same time or new future two teeth needs root canal therapy because of excessive preparation, sensitivity & pain.
  2. Food Impaction around fake teeth (Pontic)which is very annoying, also cavity and gum disease on anchor teeth.
  3. The connection parts are not - flossable and Increase the chance of cavity and gum disease at least Inflammation of the soft tissue.
  4. Placing a bridge is overloading the Anchor teeth in lot of cases, if those two teeth doesn't have a long root in a while bridge become loose and now we are facing 3- missing teeth. the bottom line is that bridge is not a stand alone option. Always related to some other factors and cause lots of other Issues after months or years.
Why do you recommend Dental Implants vs. a Partial Denture?

A: Replacing one, two or more missing teeth with a removable partial is Involved with covering a wide space of the other teeth and surrounding soft tissue (gum) which causes the following problems:

  1. After months or years, cavities may form on anchor parts of other teeth, especially if a metal clasp (chrome-cobalt or wrought wire) was involved with making the partial.
    1. In many cases, those cavities were found due to the cavity being deep enough that the Anchor teeth needed a root canal, & crown.
    2. As a result there is a chance that the partial would not fit any more and we would in that case have to make a new partial.

  2. Gingival soft tissue (gum) under the pink acrylic parts are always inflamed and we are facing recession of gum tissue around the other teeth, which makes them very sensitive to cold, heat & sweets.

3. Even some patient are allergic to acrylic base material and we see the gum tissue is always red (not pink & healthy).


Dental Implants are standing alone and Independent option to replace one or more missing teeth which never overload any part of natural dentition, cause cavity or gum problem on neighbor teeth.

That's why I call dental Implants:

The most conservative way of replacing a hopeless or missing tooth.

Why do you recommend Dental Implant compared to No Replacement?

A:  On the other hand, what if I have to have a tooth taken out but I don't want to replace it with anything?

  1. In the esthetic (front) region of our mouth, this is not an option. We have to present ourselves with a great smile in the society, disregards of the kind of job we are doing.
  2. We have to smile in an esthetic manner. But still if esthetic is not an issue for a patient, still without a replacement, the function is going to be destroyed. It means that our phonetic & lip support will be deteriorated and impaired.
  3. In the posterior area (Molar) of our mouth function is a more important factor.
    1. Food Impaction in triangle area caused by tilting.
    2. Mal-occlusion: Teeth do not closed together (upper with lower) in a functional way.
    3. The opposing teeth start growing (Erupting) toward the Empty area, which worsen the situation. Also causing gum recession and uncovered root in opposing arch.


If a tooth needed to be taken out for any reasons, we better replace them to avoid major issues in near future and of course best replacement would be Dental Implants.


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