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Dr. Jalil Babagoli, DDS

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About Dr. Babagoli, a Leading 92651 Dentist

- 1984-1990: General Dentistry - Isfahan University of Medical Sciences School of Dentistry, Isfahan- Iran.

- 1991-1994: Master Degree in Endodontics - Isfahan University of Medical Sciences School of Dentistry.

- 1995: Board certificate in Endodontics-Tehran-Iran.

- 1990-1995: Member of Academic Board along with private practice in Endodontic - Faculty Clinic- Isfahan.

- 1996: Published (Endodontic Instruments) Youngest faculty member of Dental School to publish a textbook.

- 1995-2001: Assistant professor, department of Endodontics, university of Medical science Isfahan, Iran.

   (Trained undergraduate/post graduate & Endo-Residents as well as being involved in research projects).

- 2001-2002: Visiting scholar in Endodontics, Loma Linda- California.

- April 2002: Licensed in California.

- 2002-2003: Private Practice in Chino Hills, CA.

- 2004-Present: Private practice in Laguna Beach, CA.

- Limited to Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy) and Dental Implants with use of latest Technology:

  • Endodontic microscope: Magnifying field up to 16 times.
  • Digital Radiography (up to 85% less radiation, compare to Radiographic films).
  • Intra-oral camera: Case presentation and record keeping for insurance purposes.
  • Latest Technique & material to gain toward 99% Root Canal Therapy success.


Dr. Jalil Babagoli started taking Dental Implant Courses in 1997 presented by a German company, FRIALIT. In September 1999, coursework presented by NOBEL BIOCARE  in Sacramento made an impact that would ultimately shape the future of Ocean Pacific Dental.

He has continued his education in implant dentistry by taking numerous courses and residency programs in with the intent of always keeps his knowledge up to date.

Dr. Babagoli is an education advocate and utilizes the latest science and technology towards gaining the highest possible success rate.

He has successfully placed and restored hundreds of Implants throughout his successful career.


Since I started placing Nobel - Bio care Implants, I have the honor and privilege of stating 100% success rate so far. We had only 3 cases that had to be repeated:

Case 1 -  Patient did not take prescribed antibiotic because of breastfeeding

Case 2 - Patient did not disclose acute seasonal allergy, then her sinus lift treatment failed. Once the treatment repeated, that case turned into a complete success.

Case 3 - Patient body rejected that type of Implant. But when we repeated the procedure by placing another type of thread made by same company, it was 100% successful. We are now following up the patient for 4 years with no issue.

I am very proud to announce that all the Implants that I placed and restored are 100% success full and patients are under the care in my practice on regular basis.

Recently, I spoke with one of the big names in Southern California Oral-Surgery. She stated that she has been using the same kind of Implant that I use but has experienced a 30% failure rate, (lost Implant in less than few months) because of zero Osteo-Integration. This fact shows that it is not only the material and quality of manufacturing of Implants are important in success, but also the experience of the doctor plays a very important roll as well.

Performing a delicate job and following each step very carefully is an important factor to gain the best long term result, and that is another reason to show how technique sensitive is Implant Dentistry.


1- Textbook (1996): Endodontics Instruments.

2- Article (1997-1998): Distance between Radiographic & Anatomic Apex of the Roots. This study has completed the preview study done by Kuttler (1964) by a wide range on different age groups, Different teeth separately and different roots on each tooth.

3- Article (1999): Effect of RC - Prep on Dentin Hardness.

4- Research Project & Article (2003): A New Solution for the Removal of Smear Layer - Published in JOE (Journal of Endodontics - Official Journal of American Association of Endodontists) in March 2003 (volume 29, Number 3).

This is a study that Revolutionized the way of root Canal treatments were failing, and the solution

(MTAD or Bio- pure) was starting point of a modern Root Canal sterilization. Bio-pure was patented at a later date by Loma Linda University and has been marketed by Tulsa- Dental all over the world for more than 12 years.

Family Life

Dr. Babagoli & his family reside in Irvine, CA. He is married with 2 kids. His son (Masih) is currently in his second year at Colombia University in New York and his daughter (Bahar) is a middle school student here in Orange County.

I believe in educational freedom for my family.  I raised them to do what they want to do in life, as my parents did the same thing with me.  I told them the following in regards to their future careers:

In 32 years of being in Dental field (26 years in practice and 6 years medical schooling), there was never one day that I woke -up and said, "oh boy, another day started and I have to go to work, do this & that." I always loved to go to school to learn or teach and always (every single day) went to my private office or clinic, loved to treat my patients, take away their pain and discomfort, and enjoy giving my patients their smile back or make them more beautiful!

So I do Dentistry with my heart, not with my hand and money part was never my first priority. That is why I never looked at Dentistry as a business to make money. My initial goal was treating my patient and on the side, I always been able to make a living ( again not my first priority).

Then I tell my kids for your future do something that you love and do not pick something because you have to or you have no other choice. In that case you do your job with your heart and you love it and never get tired of doing it. Always face the Challenges and that is why I am enjoying doing Dentistry in all years of being part of this profession.

On the other side, like some other parents, me and my wife likes at least one of the kids to follow my footsteps.

So far Masih has the best option to become a Dentist in Colombia University. Because Columbia has on the best Dental Implant program all over the world, the best scenarios for him would be Colombia Implant Dentistry and take over my practice in future.

With My mentorship plus Colombia education, I can rest assure that my patients will be in hand of someone educated enough in the implant field and of course someone that I have most trust!!

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