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Dental Implants in Laguna Beach, CA


Completed in a Fraction of the Time!

Includes:  Implant placement, Abutment and Crown. Even Extraction and Bone Grafting or Sinus Lift if needed.

Why Dental Implants

  • Permanent Solution
  • Least Destructive Method
  • Replace Missing Tooth
  • Replace Hopeless Tooth
  • Preferred over Bridge or Partial Denture
Ocean Pacific Dental

A New Era of Dental Implants




Includes x-rays if necessary

A $425

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Dr. Jalil Babagoli - DDS-Ms.D-FICOI

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The New Era of Dental Implants

Whether you know it or not, you may have a tooth that can't be saved and must be pulled.  To replace

it, you probably need to get an implant, a procedure that used to be very drawn out.  But Not Anymore!

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New Implant Procedure

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After taking the tooth out and receiving a bone graft, you needed to wait 4-6 months.  Following this, an implant was buried under your gums which required another 3-6 month wait after.  Then, you would need to have another surgery to uncover the implant and wait 2-3 weeks.  A final procedure is needed to finish placing the crown, thus making this a 12-24 month procedure.

With the latest technology and our implant educated staff, we do the implant procedure in two steps.  When you walk into our office with a tooth that needs to be pulled, we extract the tooth and place the implant and a temporary crown the same day, if there is no active infection.

You walk in with a hopeless tooth, and you walk out with a new tooth that has been affixed to your jawbone.  After a period of 8-12 weeks when your gums have shaped to the the temporary crown, the permanent crown is placed on, and YOU'RE DONE!

Highest Quality Parts - Made in the U.S.  Very Competitive Pricing

Specifically Trained in Implants since 1999 and a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists

This Practice is Limited to Dental Implants and Endodontics

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Ocean Pacific Dental

A New Era of Dental Implants

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